REwire Studio



Hardware Synthesizers and Modules:

Steiner Parker Synthacon
Steiner Parker Microcon Synth Module
Nord MicroModular and Nord Lead Rack2
Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System  
Studio Electronics Code 4 Synth 
EML Electrocomp 101
Moog Minimoog
Roland TB-303 w/ Quicksilver Mod


Software Synths:

Hartmann Neuron VS
Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Steinberg HALion 3.0
Waldorf Largo
Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Trillian and Stylus RMX
ReFX Beast and Vanguard
FXpansion BFD2
Toontracks Drumkit From Hell 1, 2 and Superior 2.0
MHC Spacesynth
Sequencers / Midi / Controlled Voltage Controllers:        
Korg Kaoss KP-3 Pad
Doepfer R2M Ribbon Controller and Theremin Module
Kenton Pro-Solo 2 Midi-CV Converters (5) and Pro-2000
MOTU Midi128 and MicroExpress
Recording, Editing and Mastering Software / Plugins:        
Steinberg Cubase 6
Steinberg Wavelab 8.0
Propellerhead Recycle
Midi QuestXL v10 Librarian Software
(UAD-2 Quad Card + Duo
Computer and Recording Hardware:        
Intel Core2 Quad 3.2Ghz Computer
RME Fireface 400
Mackie Onyx 32 Keyboard Mixer
Neve 5015 Preamp/Compressor
Rode K2 Mic
Royer 121 Ribbon Microphone          
AEA TRP Ribbon Preamp          
Dynaudio BM6a Speakers
KRK Ergo Room EQ Corrector
Hardware Effects Devices:        
Marshall Time Modulator          
Roland CE-1 and CE300 Chorus          
Lexicon MX400
Roland RE-501 Space Echo
Electrix Warp Vocoder
Jomox MResonator
WMD Geiger Counter
Line 6 POD X3
Line 6 Bass Pod
Dirty Boy Rude Boy Distortion Pedal
Brown Rabbit Distortion
Metasonix KV-100 AssBlaster
Guitar, Bass & Percusssion:        
1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom
1972 Fender Stratocaster
Jackson King V          
PRS Custom 24 10 Top
1983 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
Spector rebop 4 Dlx Bass          
Fender VG Strat          
Epiphone PR7E Acoustic/Electric        
Mesa Boogie 25/50 Amp          
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp          
Rivera Venus 3 Amp          








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