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Fun Track: "King Of Rats"












































REwire's Monster Analog Synths:

83 Instruments for Kontakt featuring the biggest sounds from my collection of many of the best rare vintage analogue monosynths in history:

This collection has samples of the fattest open single and stacks of oscs from these synths and a few more.   Rich lush beating oscs all put into a custom synth control set that lets you tweak each instrument as if you have a powerful mono or polysynth at your disposal:

Samples:  Steiner Parker Synthacon and Microcon; EMS Synthi VCS3; Moog Minimoog and Voyager; Roland TB-303 and MKS-80; EML 101; Arp 2600 and Avatar; Macbeth M5; Buchla 259 osc; OSCar; Metasonix Wretch Machine; Serge Creature; Oberheim SEMS and OB-8 and a Eurorack Modular.


I've never heard a VSTi or VA that really sounded analog to me but playing these samples blows my mind.  I did it originally to play my monos in poly.  For just $40, this is a goldmine of all my best of/go-to big track filling patches I used in my songs and demos.   The best combos of detuned saws and squares that generate many overtones and random fluctuations that make analog sound so alive.  All samples are long enough to encompass a set of cycles and loop perfectly.  In poly mode, many of these sounds become powerful and lush like classic Oberheim, Prophet and CSs. 

Collection is available now for $40 download. Go to  Shop Site  or write REwire@rewiremusic.com for info or alternate payment/delivery.  Need full Kontakt 5 installed or 30 minute limited time in Free Player.





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 the ultimate 4 Voice Polysynth out of Tom Oberheim SEMS and Modular extra Voices and Filters:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Update:  This was a pain in the ass.  SEMS are not completely CV controllable so it was no fun lining up four sets of knobs to make patches.  Then it turned into a 4 voice modular that sounded amazing but when I tried out a Studio Electronics CODE 4 it was superior with it 4 types of filters and raw oscs that sound exactly like my modular ones.  Plus, a polysynth needs preset ability!



Guitars a Plenty! 

Seems like a lot but there are 6 , 7 and 8 strings to cover all sounds and styles. 

REwire is in production on both a Metal and another Electronic album.  Both benefit from training in screaming and aggressive vocal techniques not ever present in previous efforts.  See X-mas medley below:


For The Holidays:  A Heavy Metal Christmas Jingle Medley: 




  REwire's CD - "ORGANISM" Available NOW

12 cool songs crafted with Modular, vintage and

hybrid digital / analogue synths.

Get It at:



Rewire - Organism


Check out wacky side procect :

quirky satirical guitar and synth based tunes:

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REwire's First CD Available- 

"Bit By Bit"

Watch the Promo Video:

Now available  from CD Baby and Itunes 


                        Hear Clips on the Music Page!

Synth Vids and Demos:

Demo of the Steiner Parker Synthacon.  One of the rarest meanest monosynths ever:

Mp3 File

YouTube Video of the Buchla 259 Modular Oscillator:


YouTube Video of the the Macbeth M5 Synthesizer:




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